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Attached are some links to read about the experiences of people trying
Sahaja Yoga and their testimonials.

Sahaja Yoga Testimonials & Success Stories

Sahaja Yoga Video Testimonials

More Sahaja Yoga Experiences  

Sahaja Yoga Testimonials - testimonials from Sahaja Yoga practitioners

Sahaja Yoga Experiences - real stories written by people who either practice
Sahaja Yoga regularly (whether for many years or just months) or those who
have just discovered Sahaja Yoga. Some are short notes, and some are
astoundingly personal letters describing events in the lives of the authors
which took our breath away.

Suddenly I Felt So Happy

Yogi Knights

Sahaja Yoga - A Fantastic and Never Ending Adventure

Before and After Sahaja Yoga

The Miracles Of Sahaja Yoga

Journey of Beautiful Experiences with Sahaja Yoga

Personal Experiences of the Cool Wind of the Spirit
Personal Experiences
Sahaja Yoga Personal Experiences
- A short 15 minute film titled "Yogi Knights"  In this film you
will see peoples experiences after receiving self realisation.
- Reaction and testimonial from someone who just
received their self realisation.  The spontaneous
reaction of the new seeker starts at about 3:10
minutes into the video and is wonderful to see.