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free meditation classes
Free Meditation Classes
Sahaja Yoga Meditation
Sahaja Yoga offers free mediation classes and public programs which are available
around the world and always open to the public. No prior meditation experience is
required.  Sahaja Yoga is an appropriate meditation for beginners and people of all
ages . The benefits of meditation and yoga are numerous. Sahaja Yoga meditation
will help you in finding inner peace and joy. One realizes that if more people
experienced this connection with their inner Self, the world could become a more
beautiful place to live in.

Sahaja Yoga has free meditation classes available around the world

Click on this link to find the nearest Sahaja Yoga meditation class -
Free Meditation

There are also online meditation available for anyone who does not live close
enough to attend a class.  The online meditation classes are available every
Tuesday at 9:00 pm Eastern time - visit -  
Free Online Meditation
There is also an excellent site with lots of information and a really nice music section
where you can listen to meditation music - visit
online meditation course